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Kite: A kite is a complex of three sets: wing set, tether set, and resistive set. Some defaulting to the wing set occurs for "kite" while the tether set and resistive set are still mechanically essential for the wing set to function as kite. A kite's wing set may consist of one or more wings in a variety of arrangements; the most common kiteboarding wing set consists of one wing, a set of lines to the wing, and a resistive set consisting of the kiteboarder, clothing, harness, and kiteboard; other accessories may form part of the resistive set (water, food, first-aid kit, signaling devices, etc. ) depending on the mission of the kiting session (local confined water area, long-distance travel using open navigable waters, etc. ) A kite in use is able to fly in media; kiteboarding kites have several media involvements: 1. Wing set and tether set flying in the air while part or all of the resistive is flying in the water as paravane. 2. Wing, tether set, and entire resistive set are flying in the air. 3. Entire kite (wing set, tether set, and resistive set) is flying in the water only or the water-air interface. The dominant role of the kite is as a wind-powered aircraft or watercraft with an aircraft component. Responsible kiting is aware of all vehicles that may be affected by the kiting operations. The tether set takes up water space and airspace; fugitive kites may cause terrific damages to property and people.

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