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What happened?

Some years ago a Dutch rider was kiting on the North Sea, at a huge beach, several hundreds of meters wide and some kilometer long.

He used a board leash and came to shore to adjust it. He steered the kite into the zenith and then leaned down to reach the velcro, that hold the leash around his ankle. Then suddenly his kite started to move and got into a loop and pulled him forward. Unfortunately he was standing in front (maybe 30m distance) of wooden pillars wave breakers, which were placed every 5m or so.

He hit one of those and died.

What can we learn?

  • always pay attention to what your kite is doing
  • be ready to release your quick release at any time
  • try to be on land with a kite up as shortly as possible
  • if you need to fix something on your gear which does not require to land a kite, try to fix it in the water, not on land
  • distance is your friend, so always have enough distance to any hard objects when you are on shore