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The Ted Dougherty Story

I started my kite endeavor in the military in 1979 where I had been working in the parachute industry.

Ki chopper.jpg

I am a FAA Master Parachute Rigger with over 24 years experience. While in the Army I have worked on projects like a 3000 sq. ft controllable gliding parachute called the GDT. This was the first large gliding parafoils then I worked on Para-Flites 3000 sq ft parafoil and also the para-point projects.

Ki kite1.jpg

These were parachutes that were designed to fly by remote control that was to be used for any of the armed services like the Special Forces, Navy Seals, Delta and others. I have been involved with NASA in building models of parafoils for research in wind tunnel testing for future long range interplanetary landing missions, as well as the space stations escape pods. The projects I worked on were a launching pad for today's larger cargo parafoil deployments.

Ki Windtunnelnasa.jpg

I have been an active skydiver for years. My first multi lined parafoil was built while I was stationed at Yuma Proving Grounds, AZ in 1985. This kite had 10 cells and they where V-shaped. This kite was a model of a larger 3000 sq ft parachute that we where testing. In 1986 I started manufacture of the Sparless Stunter. The first 2 line totally sparless parafoil kite.

Ki Gdt.jpg

I started selling to friends and neighbors and got my first real break at the Sunfest in Ocean city MD where in Sep 88 I broke the World record with a 460 sq. ft. multi lined parafoil.

Ki worldlargest.jpg

In 1990 I returned and broke the record again this time a 2 line 760 sq. ft parafoil and continue to hold that record. In 1989 the second generation Quadrifoil was in competition Wildwood, NJ along with the original Quadraflex.

I have received awards such as "Most innovative new kite 1992 Berck, France 1992" and KTA's award for the "Best new kite related product (Quadrifoil) 1992". Currently the next generation ProFoil series of kites are ready and on sale.