Kite Maintenance

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You will need to maintain your kite to keep it in good flying condition.

  • Regularly check your kite and repair the damage before flight. There is a small damage repair kit in the kite bag.
  • Flick off all sand before tightening fly lines to pig tails. Tight knots filled with sand will damage the lines.
  • Don’t leave your kite on the beach. The elements will quickly deteriorate your precious.
  • Keep chemicals away from your kite.
  • Clean your kite using low pressure fresh water only.
  • Roll your kite up on sand or grass.
  • Do not roll on concrete, bitumen or sharp rocky ground.
  • Roll and store your kite dry. Wet kites will bleed colors. Fresh water will turn into mould.
  • Store your kiteboarding gear in a shaded ventilated area.