Kiteloop Handle Pass Off The Beach

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Standing on land and looping the kite, then passing the bar in the air.

How To

1. Stand in front of the water. Kite at zenith.

2. Unhook and grab the bar for the kiteloop position. Arms bent to place the bar close tothee body.

3. Once the kite starts to pull you, jump off the ground.

4. Rotate your body a bit to place your front knee in front to get the balance to make the handle pass.

5. Start the handle pass rotation. Take the front hand off the bar. Knees bent. Follow the movement with your head.

6. Reach for the bar over your back.

7. Focus on your landing.

8. Try to land clean and continue to ride.


  • you should have offshore winds, best is to practice in a lagoon.



Danilo Nacarato How To Video

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