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Brand: North


  • 5’8”
  • 5’10”
  • 6’1”


North introduces the Kontact; A surfboard range that will take your kitesurfing to new levels! With the input of pro riders Sky Solbach and Dreu Beavis, Australian shaper Martin Littlewood has put his 30 + years of shaping experience and a full year of R&D into the Kontact range. From pumping Western Australia to PKRA competition in Chile and down to one-foot onshore beach breaks, these boards are designed to be pushed as hard as possible in all conditions. The concept is quite simple; The overall look and feel of a bigger semi-gun, scaled down to around 6‘ for kiting. The result is a board that offers excellent grip and encourages you to go as fast as possible into turns and carves and give you more confidence in pushing the next turn. These boards excel in good conditions where speed and control is key, but still maintain enough direct response and snappiness to push your limits in smaller surf. Strapped or strapless, big or small surf, the Kontact is a no compromise high performance range of competition surfboards that will never hold you back.

Surf Fins 09

  • Small = Pinhead: Fast and snappy for light weight riders.
  • Large = Fathead: Lots of drive and grip for heavier riders.

"The 6‘1“ is the perfect board for me in all conditions. When it‘s big and windy, it drives through turns like no other board I‘ve ever ridden and has plenty of snap for steep beach breaks." - Sky Solbach


  • High Performance
  • Carving & Control az high Speed
  • Down the Line surfing
  • Custom Epoxy Wood Sandwich
  • Dual Density Pads
  • Future Fin System



Kontact 2009 1.png

Kontact 2009 2.png

Kontact 2009 3.png


Sky Solbach Interview


Trim Tips