Kool 2005

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Brand: Takoon


  • 151x37.4
  • 163x40


Highly versatile.

The Kool 151 and 163 are ideal for easy riding and come with latest-development fittings. Well suited to light wind conditions too. These boards are accessible and forgiving but still high performance. Max your fun whatever the conditions, choose your board size according to your weight and skill level.

With its AFC (Asymmetric Flex Control) system giving superb Flex control along the whole length of the board, you've got maximum control in all situations.

The glass/wood dynaflex construction allows a report price/quality without equivalent!


  • Twin Tip
  • "Asymmetric Flex Control". The asymmetric run-offs towards the tips improve the board's Flex through carve turns.
  • Structural reinforcements and shaping along the rails gives sure grabs with optimum grip.
  • Swallow tail
  • Length 151cm / Width 37.4cm / Net Weight 2.9kg
  • Length 163cm / Width 40 cm / Net Weight 3.5kg

Standards extra package

  • New central grab handle made from EVA-covered PVC
  • Elastic Leash (1m60-2m00) with harness buckle attachment
  • 2x Ergonomics foot straps
  • 4x 70 mm New Takoon fins



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Kool 2005 2.jpg

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Kool 2005 3.jpg



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