Kool Convertible 2005

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Brand: Takoon


  • 185x57


The favourite board of kitesurf schools.

Takoon innovation for the beginners and super light wind conditions, the 2005 board have a new construction Takoon "Kool 185 convertible is the ideal board for starting kitesurfing today. It's got incredible stability and will enable you to learn to get up on the board in just a few hours. And you can use your Kool 185 in either directional or Twin Tip configuration ! All you need do is change the foot strap and fin positions.

The anti-slip foam covering the whole deck gives remarkable ride comfort and is very forgiving of the bad foot positioning typical of beginners.

The Kool 185 is built to take the kind of knocks it will get from beginners too. The hull is covered in a sheet of tough Duraclir to help resist abrasion and scratching.


  • Convertible Twin Tip / directional boards!
  • Full Eva deck with crocodile anti-slippy skin!
  • Duraclear Hull
  • Leash Plugs on both board tips
  • Length 185cm / Width 57 cm /
  • Net weight 4.7 kg / 29 liters

Standard extras package

  • Elastic Leash (1m60-2m00) with harness buckle attachment
  • 3x Ergonomics foot straps
  • 4x 70 mm New Takoon fins



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Kool Convertible 2005 1.jpg

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