LF Surfboard 2007

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Brand: Liquid Force


  • 5'8
  • 6'0


The 6’0” Surfboard is a proven progressive surf shape that enables the kiteboarder or surfer to ride waves with or without foot straps. This board can also be paddled and surfed as a regular surfboard when there is no wind. This progressive thruster short-board design features a single to double concave bottom out the back, for acceleration and control on the wave face.

The 5’8” Surfboard is a smaller board that features a round-pin tail shape. The 5.8 is designed for riding larger waves in more extreme wind and surf conditions. This thruster design features a slight “V” entry to smooth out the ride, and a double concave out the back, for acceleration and control on the wave face.

Both boards offer a true polyurethane construction to give the rider the true surfboard feel. These boards come stock with duel entry “Radius” foot-straps and an EVA tail pad.


Reinforced Polyurethane - a "true" surfboard construction.



5'8" Boards surfboard 2007 58s.jpg

6'0" Boards surfboard 2007 60s.jpg

Boards surfboard 2007 60s 2.jpg




LF Surfboard 2007 6'0" - sbckiteboard.com

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