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General Glossary

Backside Spin A spin where the rider rotates with the back of their body towards the kite first. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as a "blindside spin".

Blind The rider does not pass the bar so they land with the bar behind their back with their back facing the kite Referred to like a "Tantrum to Blind", or "Front Flip to Blind" Sometimes backside spins are mistakenly referred to as "blind" spins

Bone To bone out a grab or bone out your leg means you straighten it all the way out So I "boned out grab" is one where your leg or legs are straightened out while grabbing.

  • Nosebone

Bring back of board to your body by bending back leg & stretching front leg

  • Tailbone

Bring front of board to your body by bending front leg & extending back leg

Butt Check When the rider lands a trick and drags or slaps their butt on the water. Generally this is considered a sloppy landing.

Corked Spin Another name for an off-axis spin. When a rider spins and the rider leaves their vertical axis and the board rises up to shoulder level or higher while spinning.

Fakie/Switch A term from skateboarding that means riding the board in your normal riding position, but travelling the other direction. This isn't really done in kiteboarding since you don't change your foot position mid-trick, so fakie is often interchanged with the term "Switchstance" in kiteboarding, which just means that the rider is riding the board with their opposite foot forward.

Flip The term can be interchanged with "Invert", but in kiteboarding a Flip is usually a term used to define a tip over tail upside down rotation. There are a few exceptions though.

Frontside Spin A spin where the rider rotates with the front of their body towards the kite first.

Goofy Foot Riders who ride with their right foot forward.

Grab While in the air, if the rider reaches down to the board and clasps their hand on it, it's a "Grab". There are lots of different types of grabs that can be done alone or added to other tricks.

Handle Pass When the bar is passed from one hand to the other, it's called a Handle Pass. It's usually only used to referred to when the rider passes the bar behind their back.

Invert When the rider goes upside down while in the air, it's called an Invert.

Mobe or Mobius An invert that also contains at least a 360 degree spin in it.

Monkey Spin Another name for an off-axis spin. When a rider spins and the rider leaves their vertical axis and the board rises up to shoulder level or higher while spinning.

Off-Axis Spin When a rider does a spin but goes off the vertical axis so the board usually gets up to shoulder level or above.

Ole When the rider does a spin and instead of passing the bar just lifts the bar over their head.

Ollie When the rider pops the board into the air by pushing down on their back foot and jumping up leading with their front foot. Just like a skateboarding ollie.

Pop This is when you release from the water.

Progressive Edge A progressive edge is when the rider builds the edge on approaching the jump so that the hardest edge is right before sending the kite.

Raley-Based Tricks Tricks built around the Raley. This means they are all tricks with your body extended back with the board above your head, but aren't inverted flips.

Regular/Natural Foot A rider who rides left foot forward.

Revert Used to describe landing Switch/Fakie A Roll To Revert is a Back Roll with a 180 causing the rider to land backwards, or Revert.

Roll An invert where the board travels in an edge over edge rotation. However, some tricks that follow that rotation aren't called Rolls, and a Back Roll has a tip over tail rotation, so it's very confusing.

Spin A spin is when the rider and board rotate around on a vertical axis.

Standing Tall When the rider is about to pop they want to stand tall, which means extending at the hips and knees so they don't absorb the energy

Stomp When a rider lands a trick in a smooth or clean manner, they have "stomped" the trick.

Style The look a rider has while riding. A unique style is a unique look to their ride. Things usually considered stylish are well-held grabs, smooth landings, tweaking out tricks, etc. Style usually equates with exceptional technical mastery.

Surface Trick A trick performed with the board on the water the whole time.

Switchstance See "Fakie"

Tweak When a rider moves the board or legs while making a grab. Tweaking out a Method Grab means the rider would grab the board, then possibly bone out one leg.




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