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Brand: Latitude


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For 2008 LATITUDE improved the bar to be the ultimate bar available in the market in terms of safety, reliability, comfort & simplicity to operate while riding.

The CL (chicken loop) diameter is bigger & stiffer thus it is easier to hook again after doing unhooked tricks. The CL keeps its shape even under big pressure. We enabled the CL (chicken loop) to easily remove the unhooked safety tube for the riders who don’t want it to bother them while riding. The 5th line, or leash line in the 4 line bar, is protected in the bar system section with PU tubes thus there is no way that it will wear down as a result of the friction of the bar movement.

The new 2008 bar is equipped with the most advanced pro EVA grip with a curvy grip on top to make an easier & comfortable grip. We also added to the bar center hole a stainless steel bushing thus there is no friction between the bar & the center depower line making the center line last forever. Moreover, the center power line is covered by a stitched PU tube to avoid excess wear as a result of friction from the bar.

The 2008 bar is also equipped with silicone bar ending protectors. This ensures that the rider will not get hits from the bar endings even during the most extreme tricks. These protectors are designed to give maximum space for the folded lines plus they include elastic loops to ensure that the folded lines stay in position.

The bar is what the rider feels in his hands. The 2008 Latitude bar is designed to give every rider the safest and most comfortable ride with maximum control over the kite.



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