Latitude Surf 2008

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Brand: Latitude


  • 5'0"
  • 5'6"


The 2008 CITADEL wave boards evolved after prototyping & testing many wave boards with different shapes & construction methods. The goal was simply to make the optimum wave board. The CITADEL comes in two sizes 5' & 5'6". The 5' is fast turning with great switch ability & fast rocker. The 5'6" is the ultimate wave board for low end winds and small waves.


  • EPS Core: Flexible, hits absorber
  • Tri axial & bi axial fiber glass: Strong and light construction
  • Stiff top & bottom UP gloss cover: Scratch durable cover, great finish
  • Wood beam reinforcement: Improved contraction strength with minimum weight
  • Slim rails: Strong side walls, chop killer, better grip on turns
  • Super wide thick EVA deck: Maximum comfort while riding
  • Adjustable flex Footstraps: keep your legs on the boards at all times
  • Top quality 2 WFS system fins: Better grip, impact proof material



Latitude Surf 2008 1.jpg



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