Latitude Twintip 2008

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Brand: Latitude


  • 125x38 (Redhead)
  • 132x39 (Blonde)
  • 139x40 (Ebony)
  • 140x45 (Brunette)


The 2008 twintip boards evolved after prototyping & testing many boards with different shapes & construction methods. The goal was simply to make a board for every rider weight, wind range or style. The 2008 series of twintip boards has it all, whether you wish to lock it on high winds or big jumps or if you prefer to switch it for free ride tricks, it will do it all with ease. Better control, no more hard landings after big jumps…..every rider can find his favorite board from this series.


  • Lightlam wood Core: Flexible, hits absorber
  • Tri axial & bi axial fiber glass: Strong & light construction
  • Stiff PBT top & bottom cover: Scratch durable cover, great finish
  • 3D reinforcement top shape: Improved contraction strength with minimum weight
  • Slim ABS rails: Super strong side walls, chop killer, better grip on turns
  • Super wide thick footpads: Maximum comfort while riding
  • Adjustable flex Footstraps: keep your legs on the boards at all times
  • GFK top quality 2 color fins: Better grip, impact proof material


Latitude Twintip 2008 windrange.jpg



Latitude Twintip 2008 1.jpg



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