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Brand: Airush


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2004 marks the third generation of the Lift. Born as a high performance oriented kite it has stayed true to its roots whilst taking advantage of evolving technology to bring further cutting edge performance in combination with exceptionally easy handling. The result is a kite that has found wide-ranging praise the world over. For 2004 the design brief remains the same, yet improvements to the outline shapes and foiling across the size range have pushed these ideals further and given improvements in all sizes in relation to there given usage environment. Wind range is extended, de-power progression is more linear, turning more progressive, response more immediate. The Lift remains the highest performing mainstream kite on the market. It can be ridden at half power or full power; its performance range delivers versatility to all riding styles from intermediate to expert rider levels. It will flatter the intermediate and deliver devastating performance to the expert. The true champion of gusty, difficult, riding environments, giving you a combination of trust and performance to make the most of varied conditions.

Ability level

Intermediate to Expert

Riding style

Suitable for all styles, but particularly effective for good boosting, ideal for intricate jumps and transitions.

Relaunch ability


Riding speed

Medium to Fast

2004 w range lift.gif



2004 Lift.gif



Trim Tips