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Brand: Airush


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The Lift Pro was born as the flagship of the range, a no compromise performance oriented kite that had but one agenda; speed, performance and lift. A kite to push the physical limits of kitesufing way in excess of anything experienced before. For 2004 the Lift Pro goes further, improved stability, less weight, more lift, speed, response and wind range. It is a kite dedicated to the experienced offering the ultimate aerodynamics for those who want to push the boundaries of kitesurfing. Its fine profile ensures that the kite sits as far forward in the window as physically possible; with remarkable efficiency the cruising speed of the Lift Pro is extremely high. Loaded and redirected the Lift Pro explodes into the air, flying higher than every before. Redirection is immediate and acceleration aggressive, resulting in soft hovered landings. The speed of the Lift Pro is so fast it creates its own apparent wind, enhancing the range of the kite in experts? hands even in the lightest of conditions. At the upper end of its wind range the profile lets the kite sit incredibly far forward resulting in a massive top end. Make no mistake, this is extreme performance kiting, a fast and aggressive kite, only for those who are experienced kiteboarders.

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Fast, Aggressive, and performance oriented the Lift Pro is a kite that revels in powered conditions delivering performance that is truly ahead of it's time.

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