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Below you will find the fees for your shop and/or school to be listed on this site.

All prices per year. Prices net: outside the EU 0%, in EU with VAT tax number: 0%, otherwise 19% sales tax added

Special Small Business Package


Great Package Deal and Small Business Package

Small businesses have less money to spend for advertising, but do have the need to attract more customers to grow. We now offer an inexpensive way to advertise on world’s biggest kitesurfing network.

We created special tools and made a package you shouldn’t resist, since only one customer within one year should pay off the costs for it.

The package contains the following: – world’s largest kite forum

- Access to the Commercial Forum, where you can post anything commercial. It will feed onto the KF home to its left side, and to the left side of the tools. The latest headlines will also be shown on top of all forums in a box. And as well on - Kite schools and shops will be added to the wiki listing with all their info and contacts. – world’s leading location guide

- A beach ad, which contains a headline, info text, website link, e-mail, upload for a picture or logo and a GPS position to be shown in the locations maps. Your beach ad will be shown on all locations in a 30km (20 mile) distance, so its spreads over a complete area.

We offer this package for an amazingly fair price to get you more customers:

50 Euro (about 65 USD) PER YEAR.

For a listing of 2 types of businesses (e.g. shop and school) the additional amount will be 15 Euro (20 USD) per year.

(price net, tax free for businesses outside the EU and with European tax number, otherwise 19% tax will be added)

For further questions or to book your package now, please contact Toby:

[b]Links:[/b] Commercial Forum KF Wiki Schools KF Wiki Shops Beach Ad


Payments can be done with credit card via or bank transfer

+++++++++++++++++++++ Wiki Listing

  • School: 30 Euro (or 35 USD) per year
  • Shop: 30 Euro (or 35 USD) per year
  • Shop and School: 50 Euro (or 60 USD) per year

Shops and school who advertise on with a banner will get listed for free.

If you have a snowkite and/or landkite and/or kitesurfing school you will only get charged once to be listed in all categories.