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The Low Mobe or Heli Mobe is similar as a backmobe, but done with the kite very low using only the pop of the kite. Instead of bending the legs like in a backmobe, you keep your legs stretched out and rotate around your bar as fast as you can. Instead of passing the bar one hand to an other like with the backmobe, the bar flies from one hand to the other.

How To

1. Go full speed. Go downwind and unhook. Go upwind and load your pop. Arms stretched.

2. Make a backroll, with your arms 90°. Look backwards, It will help rotating.

3. Move your legs up. Arms stretched. You are still rotating the backroll.

4. You are still rotating the backroll. Let go your front hand.

5. Put your front hand to your back. Keep looking backwards.

6. You don't have any pressure anymore in the kite. Put your arm in your back in an angle of 110°

7. Pass the bar. Mostly you will throw the bar to your left hand. Try to put your left hand to your hip.

8. Put tension on your muscles Focus on your landing spot. You are now falling out of the sky. If you like it's appropriate time to put some wax into your hairs and pose to cameras.

9. Land downwind. Bend your knees and back.



Christophe Tack

Low Mobe Christophe Tack 1.jpg

Low Mobe Christophe Tack 2.jpg

Low Mobe Christophe Tack 3.jpg

Low Mobe Christophe Tack 4.jpg

Low Mobe Christophe Tack 5.jpg

Low Mobe Christophe Tack 6.jpg

Low Mobe Christophe Tack 7.jpg

Low Mobe Christophe Tack 8.jpg

Low Mobe Christophe Tack 9.jpg

Pictures by Philip Tack


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