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Brand: Slingshot


  • 129x39
  • 132x41
  • 135x43


Riding the wave of success from the Lunacyʼs first generation, Slingshot debuts the 09 Lunacy with Lenten custom graphics as a precursor to the highly anticipated FREESTYLE COLLECTION. Now the Lunacy is available in a 129, 132 and 135 cm which offers more options for the rider to make the Lunacy their own.

The Lunacy is the first ever “pro-model” board appropriately named with reference to how insane Ruben Lenten rides. After experiencing the benefits of Slingshotʼs proprietary core technology FRT*, used in the Slingshot wakeboards, Ruben incorporated this feature into his kiteboard. Also the Lunacy is a super aggressive twin tip and maintains a wide shape, sharp rail and extreme tip power. Translation, it delivers unmatched drive and massive pop! Chief Board Designer John Doyle and Ruben Lenten have combined their unique talents and skill to create the ultimate kiteboard for hard core freestyle riding and competition.


  • FRT: Future Response Technology
  • Aggressive squared tip and tail
  • Twin tip shape
  • Wide shape with massive tip power
  • Constant curve rocker
  • Parabolic rails
  • Single concave
  • Made in the windy Gorge, USA
  • Slingshot legendary construction
  • Lifetime Rider Hotline Membership


  • Even flex that rebounds into insane energy and pop. Also makes the core light weight and strong.
  • Loads of “hook up”
  • For effortless switch riding.
  • Adds to overall pop and drive.
  • Stability and dampening.
  • More power with an aggressive tip and tail bite.
  • Added stability.
  • Produced in our back yard.
  • Bomber quality.
  • Tel. 1-509-427-4950 / Email:


Translation, the Lunacy board draws from its strengths to boost higher, slice through the air, land big jumps softer (your knees wonʼt take the hit), and ride away fast and furious session after session! Donʼt be fooled. This board is for experts only. The Slingshot Lunacy is relentless in its quest for excellence.


  • Lunacy deck
  • Qty 4: 2” high aspect fins
  • Doyle Asymmetrical Foot pads with toe grip
  • Doyle Asymmetrical Foot straps



Lunacy 2009 1.jpg

Lunacy 2009 2.jpg

Lunacy 2009 3.jpg

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