Mako Surf 2008

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Brand: Ocean Rodeo


  • 170x42


The Mako Surf is designed to bring out your best possible performance in the widest variety of conditions. Essentially, this board allows you to step it up when the wind and waves are not epic, while at the same time delivering the high end performance required when it gets big.


This board blends the huge 9mm single concave, into a two step rocker template giving maximum bite and glide through the mid section. The tri fin thruster rounded pin tail sets up quick and produces tight radius turns at speed.

Skill Level

Perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. Although this is a stable board, it is extremely responsive.

Fin Type

11.75 cm tri fins. Minim Tuttle fin boxes for superior strength.


EPS. The Mako Surf is the worlds first Thermo formed / (snowboard style construction ) surfboard! Rugged Duraclear top and bottom for superior abrasion / impact protection compression molded around and EPS foam core.

Foot Straps

Multiple foot strap insert options. 2 Velcro adjustable foot straps. 3 Layer EVA traction pads for added riding comfort and grip. Leash plug.



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