Mako Twintip 2008

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Brand: Ocean Rodeo


  • 134x35
  • 150x34
  • 150x40


Ocean Rodeo is proud to introduce the 2008 Mako Carve kiteboard series. Built with Ocean Rodeo's legendary attention to detail the 2008 Mako series is designed for durability, control and Carve!

The 2008 Mako line up is Ocean Rodeo's deepest line of heavy concave carving boards ever. Featuring 4 shapes with upto 18mm of concave the 2008 line up of Mako boards smooths choppy waters, carves up wind with ease and bites into every turn you make.

  • 134x35: Freestyle
  • 150x34: Freeride
  • 150x40: Freeride Wide


  • Duraclear top and bottom for extreme durability
  • Tapered ABS rails to take the hits
  • Massive Concave
  • Rugged snowboard style construction
  • Contoured 3D EVA foot pads for added riding comfort and grip
  • Grab Handle
  • Velcro adjustable foot straps - G10 Fins



Mako 2008 Logo 2.jpg

Mako 2008 134 1.jpg 134x35: Freestyle

Mako 2008 150x34 1.jpg 150x34: Freeride

Mako 2008 150 1.jpg 150x40: Freeride Wide

Mako Twintip 2008 1.png

Mako Twintip 2008 2.png

Mako Twintip 2008 3.png



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