Mako Twintip 2009

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Brand: Ocean Rodeo


  • 140x40
  • 150x34
  • 150x40


2008 proved to the world that the Mako design was here to stay. Available since 2004 the Mako matured this year. For 2009 we continue to expand on the Mako Line up, setting the pace as the worlds leader in deep concave kiteboards.

140x40 Freestyle Wide

The newest addition to the quiver the 140x40 is poised to be our best selling board of all time. Quick to flip to switch, hard in the corners, easy to jump, smooth over chop. This board will be the most talked about board of 2009 - from any brand.

150x34 Freeride

Completely overhauled for 2009 the original Mako has had its weight and thickness reduced to make it a damper ride through the chop while holding its legendary status for hard carving turns.

150x40 Freeride Wide

Our most popular board ever the Freeride Wide is back for 09. Huge up wind and lightwind performance is complemented by incredibly smooth rides in choppy waters and a real surf feel on waves.



Mako Twintip 2009 1.jpg

Mako Twintip 2009 2.jpg


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