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Baggage Allowance

  • Sky Club: 30 kg
  • Tourist Class: 20 kg

Piece concept for the United States and Canada

Adults and children aged over two years travelling Business class may check-in two items of baggage, each one with a maximum combined dimension of 158 cm i.e. the sum of the width, height and length of the piece of baggage may not exceed 158 cm. In Economy class the allowance is two items of baggage with combined dimensions (width, height and length) of both pieces not exceeding 273 cm. The combined dimension of individual items of baggage may not exceed 158 cm. Children under 2 years (infants) are entitled to carry one piece of baggage of 115 cm in overall length, width and height and weighing 10 kgs both in case of weight and piece concept. No item of checked baggage may weigh more than 32 kg on Business class, and 23 on Tourist class. An excess weight ticket is issued for any baggage over the allowance and a surcharge based on the excess weight is levied. If this surcharge is not paid, Malév bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to/claims on baggage over the allowance. Malév frequent flyers receive further baggage allowances depending on card tier.

Excess Baggage

Duna Club Frequent Flyers holding a Silver Card are allowed 10 kg excess baggage, and Gold Card holders are allowed 15 kg excess baggage over the weight defined in the ticket. Please present your Malév Duna Club membership card at the check-in to qualify for these excess baggage allowances.

Sports Equipment

Over and above the baggage allowance, one pair of skis, ski sticks and ski boots or one snowboard up to a maximum weight of 11 kg may be carried without charge. These items are taken from the check-in desk and loaded separately.



Malev Baggage Policy