Mallory Pro 2008

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Brand: North


  • 129x39


After turning heads on the PKRA in 2007 with his effortless style and cat-like landings, Mallory has helped develop a board as unique as his riding style. Mallory's goal was to develop a board that had really good pop, speed and upwind performance.

"I wanted a board that was really comfortable to ride but at the same time still be able to squeeze a lot of performance from it. I like to have really good pop for doing powered tricks, because when you don't use the kite you need to trust your board to be sure you're gonna land your trick and this board gives me all I need. It's really good upwind and goes fast for people who like some speed. I dare you to try'll want to sleep with it at night!” –Mallory Delavillamarque

Mallory Pro 2008 SternenTabelle.gif


  • New School Board
  • Great Pop & Control
  • Good Upwind
  • Carbon Construction
  • Wakeboard Inserts
  • Hard Flex
  • Weight: 2,3 kg



Mallory Pro 2008 1.png


Product and Interview Video


Trim Tips