Mallory Pro 2009

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Brand: North


  • 129x40


Mallory‘s smooth, effortless style just got kicked up a notch. More power, more pop and more control means Mallory will continue to turn heads every where he goes.

"The board is specially designed for newschool style, so I’ve always given lot of importance to its pop, it has to pop like hell and allow me to go really high whatever the conditions and the kite position may be. If you go high you need to land clean, and that’s where the board is proving its qualities. My landings on that board are controlled and safe." - Mallory de la Vilemarqué


  • New School Board
  • Massive Pop
  • Great Control
  • 3D Carbon Woodcore
  • Stiff Flex



Mallory Pro 2009 1.png


Sky Solbach Interview


Trim Tips