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Brand: Takoon


  • 16.0
  • 20.0
  • 24.0


The new Mamoot range, 16, 20 and 24m2, will amaze you with its ability to get you flying in the lightest winds!

When everyone else is stuck on the beach the Mamoot comes into its own ! It's the ideal kite for cruising and big jumping in smooth trade winds and summer thermals. The new profiles and outlines have been the subject of serious development to give the kite big traction in light winds whilst keeping its big acceleration potential.

Despite the Mamoot's big size you'll be just as surprised by the great manoeuvrability of the new kites! Mad Hang times in light winds! Time to ride a Mamoot!


  • Batten tips profiled, light weight and aerodynamic, the Mamoot touch!
  • Integral 'elbow' joint: Optimum aerodynamic. Improved rigidity and control of the kite. Faster inflation.
  • Thermoformed foam sections for improved air penetration.
  • The sail/ripstop/foam connection: for improved strength and solidity. Insignia reinforced seams.
  • Double valve on the leading edge, one for inflation, the other to add for fast deflation. The best configuration for deflation / light weight.
  • Kite tuning: Multiple adjustments possible, controlling the kite's power and maneuverability.
  • 9 battens to maintain profile. Reduced diameter for improved airflow and lighter weight.

Takoon recommendation: You can also choose your Mamoot light wind kite size in relation to your build:

  • You're less than 70kg, the Mamoot 16m2 is the right kite for you!
  • You're between 70 and 80kg, the 20m2 is your kite
  • You're over 80kg, you'll need the 24m2


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