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Brand: TB


  • 130x37
  • 130x39
  • 132x41


The goal is to offer a board that can be used anywhere, by anyone.

The first impression when riding the Mana is one of comfort.

The woodcore and the inverted rails give an extraordinary smooth sensation. Occasional riders love to cruise around, jump, and will notice an improvement of their level each time they ride it. Pro riders will appreciate its dynamic pop, for tricks. It is the most universal board.

  • Below 80kg, including teens and women, choose the 37.
  • For bigger riders, or for light winds, try the 39.

Supplied with the "Original Owner" stamp, a Boardsock, 4 fins and a set of Quickstrap.

Straight rocker line, woodcore and inverted rails

The board is fast and tacks well upwind. The dynamic flex offers a great pop. It is really comfortable and easy to control, even in choppy conditions.

2+2 fins option

The thin section fins improve the glide of the board. The edging is solid and sure.

Quickstrap footpads and footstraps, a Tbkiteboarding exclusive

Impossible to lose, easy set-up, without any tools.



Mana 2008 1.png

Mana 2008 2.jpg

Mana 2008 3.jpg




Trim Tips

2+2 or 3+1 fins options

The 3+1 position gives a better grip, while the single front fin limits the nose catching.

Haura 2008 4.jpg

Haura 2008 5.jpg