Masterpiece 2004

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Brand: X-Shooter


  • 45
  • 50
  • 55
  • 60


The Masterpiece is a bar with two holes in the center, which always despin all lines due to a Wichard quick release with a swivel under the bar. The depower adjustment has to be done on the two floaters on the flying lines. The Wichard is the primary release, and on the chicken loop, which was attached to the Wichard, was a secondary release.

The bar has a Thumb Spok, which is a spinning power hook, where it is also possible to release the quick release.

The Masterpiece comes with a safety leash, which has a remote release. This way you can use the bar in the "suicide" mode, and if in trouble, the remote release opens the Wichard and the kite's power gets killed, but the rider still is attached to the kite and it does not fly away. The leash has a release as well.


Bar Manual PDF

Bar Manual PDF




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