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Brand: Caution


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The goal we set out to achieve with the MAYHEM was to create an incredibly stable wing while maintaining the turning speed and performance of the ANSWER pedigree of SLE Designs. The MAYHEM is a performance oriented kite, made by kitesurfers for kitesurfers The 2008 design achieves a tight-pivoting turn radius and solid speed while both steering and crossing the window. We continue to utilize a short length bridal system for easy and straightforward rigging, and tangle free relaunch in the waves. The MAYHEM continues Caution’s SLE design with exceptionally quick relaunch characteristics, making it easy for riders to get their kite out of the water before the next set wave rolls through. We are proud that none of Caution’s SLE designs have ever required pulleys on the control bar to compensate for poor kite performance, and as a result the MAYHEM’s control bar gives the rider the precise connection to the kite that all kiters demand. With direct and precise feedback about the status of the kite, our bar system makes it easy to place the kite where you need it when you need it.

In addition, our team riders rave about the MAYHEM’s characteristics for freestyle riding. The new profile delivers explosive boosting power and provides plenty of hang time for old school freestyle moves. The MAYHEM’s optimized sheeting angle makes unhooked riding easy compared to other SLE kites. On the west coast we have been watching some of our local groms as they charge both sent/unsent handle passes and unhooked kite loops, confirming that the MAYHEM has solid unhooked performance approaching that normally attributed to C-Kites.



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Effortlessly inflate the entire kite from a single valve on the leading edge. Bombproof connections and lockout valves give you security on the water and snug neoprene jackets ensure UV protection on rubber hoses and protects the canopy from incidental friction.


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The MAYHEM was designed with one of the shortest bridals in the industry to eliminate the risk of bridal tangles and provide a more direct connection to the kite's airframe. Short bridals also contribute to the MAYHEM's impressive relaunch capabilities.


Mayhem 2008 4.gif

Strategically placed Leading Edge protection helps prevent damage to the leading edge from impact and abrasive contact with harsh surfaces. Light weight yet durable pads maintain the MAYHEM's overall performance while providing durability. NEW TRIPLE SEAMED MAIN STRUT

Mayhem 2008 5.gif

Changes in strut profiles for 2008 brought lead designer Peter Schiebel to beef up the seam layout on the main strut. Two triple stitched seams and a single parallel stitch seam guarantee a uniform strut shape throughout the life of the kite, while narrowing to keeping material weight low, while ensuring bombproof durability.


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Caution uses a dime sized release valve to make deflation quick and effortless. In addition to a firm valve, Caution uses an interlocking overlap velcro security system to insure the valve remains closed during severe impacts.


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The MAYHEM's bomb proof bridal attachment points are made with triple layered dacron insignia/mark cloth with true triple step sewn seams. Incorporating 3MM Spectra makes the bridal attachment points bomb proof.


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The MAYHEM is built to withstand daily beatings with reinforced leading edge seams built from high strength insignia/mark cloth. It's no secret that Caution builds the most durable kites on the market, with Caution tough construction.


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The MAYHEM's release edge is double ply dacron over ripstop to prevent unwanted foil stretching with time, and canopy tears in extreme crashes.


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