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Brand: Slingshot


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Riders, who constantly push the freestyle envelope, demand a board that will test their limits and their skills. The Misfit twin tip has unforgiving characteristics like massive pop, drive, power and hook up any aggressive rider will appreciate. The Misfit thrives on high end freestyle performance.

The newest features of the Misfit for 2008 is the addition of the full wood core and step down side wall construction. Using a unique lightweight wood Chief Board Designer John Doyle has manipulated the concave and the rocker to give the Misfit an even more aggressive drive, hook up and pop. The addition of the full wood core and step down side wall construction also adds to maximize strength and overall durability.

Upgrading the inside meant upgrading the outside. We are proud to announce the Misfit is the only kiteboard in the world to have a 2400 DPI digitally printed top sheet. The result is a pure work of art. In this case seeing IS believing.

Key Highlights

  • Twin tip: made to be ridden both ways
  • Solid wood core: no heel dents! / added strength / massive pop / increased power
  • Step down side wall construction: increased rider control
  • 2400 DPI digital printed top sheet: it just looks stunning!
  • Aggressive parallel rails: power and pop
  • Flat rocker: a more aggressive feel
  • Squared tip and tail: contributes to more hook up
  • Tunnel concave: adds to overall drive and upwind performance
  • Duraglide base: added durability
  • Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality
  • Lifetime Rider Hotline Support membership


Product PDF

Product PDF


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