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Brand: Slingshot


  • 130x38
  • 136x40.5
  • 146x43.5


Riders, who constantly push the freestyle envelope, demand a board that will test their limits and hone their skills.

The Misfit board, now part of the Crossover Collection, has been instrumental in the overall process for 6 years.

The Misfit is now built with our proprietary FRT core construction delivering insane responsiveness, grip and massive pop!


  • FRT: Future Response Technology
  • Step down side wall construction
  • Twin tip shape
  • Aggressive parallel rails
  • Flat rocker
  • Tunnel concave
  • Squared tip and tail
  • Made in the windy Gorge, USA
  • Slingshot legendary construction
  • Lifetime Rider Hotline Membership


  • Even flex that rebounds into insane energy and pop. Also makes the core light weight and strong.
  • Exacting rider control.
  • For effortless switch riding.
  • Power and pop.
  • Aggressive suspension and feel.
  • Provides bite on the rail and water.
  • Increased hook up.
  • Produced in our back yard.
  • Bomber quality.
  • Tel. 1-509-427-4950 / Email: riderhotline@slingshotsports.com


The Crossover Misfit twin tip has unforgiving characteristics like massive pop, drive, power and hook up any freestyle rider will appreciate.


  • Misfit deck
  • Qty 4: 2” fins
  • Thermoformed Doyle grab handle
  • Doyle Asymmetrical Foot pads with toe grip
  • Doyle Asymmetrical Foot straps



Misfit 2009 1.jpg

Misfit 2009 2.png



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