Misfit Airush 2004

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Brand: Airush


  • 90x34
  • 115x35
  • 120x41


A concept board series holding three shapes, the Misfit range represents a diverse board style taken from varied riders all over the world. From the ultra short and wide 120 to Felix?s 90cm Maui blaster they are shapes that are all unique amongst themselves, a break from mainstream thinking. The Misfit series features the sectional rail uplift and Flex control concepts to make sure you get the fullest of control.

Airush Misfit 90

This is Felix's favorite blasting board, at 90cm long; with no fins and only 35cm of width it sounds at least on paper to be a very radical shape. In reality this board is surprisingly easy to use. Admittedly it needs a lot of power, yet when up and going it has massive stability under heavy loadings. A combination of the Sectional Rail Uplift and clean tip release it puts out a characteristically huge rooster tail when ridden hard. Used with the asymmetric foot straps and 3D footbeds it feels tiny and extremely compact underfoot, allowing instant wakestyle moves, rallies and high power aerials without any swing weight.

Airush Misfit 115

This freestyle machine is short and slightly more conventional in riding style. It feels lightweight and is agile for extreme transitional moves. The 115 is an ideal mainstream freestyle board, great for ?board off? moves, and more aggressive new school tricks in a medium to higher power environment.

Airush Misfit 120

The 120 is the most radical freestyle oriented shape in the range. Comparatively far more compact in outline than the 115, only 5cm longer, yet 5cm wider, it has a much lower power requirement yet still retains the same reduced swing weight. In light and medium winds it is a new school freestyle machine. Its wide tail gives both grip and pop when leaving the water giving good height without having to move the kite too much. Once up there, taking your board off is natural, spinning and manipulating it around, or even during transitional moves the 120 Misfit makes it all easier than ever to execute.



Airush 2004 misfit 90.gif

Airush 2004 misfit 115.gif

Airush 2004 misfit 120.gif



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