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A tantrum with a backside 360.

How To

1. Get some speed.

2. Look out for a bigger kicker or wave.

3. Jump off (pop jump) like you would to an inverted back roll (just like a Tantrum), but make sure to get a good height.

4. Pass the bar before you are completely inverted.

5. Once the bar is in front again, keep looking over your shoulder to keep the rotation going.

6. Since you initiated the second roll, bring your second hand back to the bar and pull it towards your hips.

7. Spot your landing and land.


  • Get a good speed
  • Keep your kite low
  • Pop off with a good height, a bigger kicker or waves is helpful
  • After you passed the bar try not to look down, keep looking over your shoulder. Looking down may lead to stop the second rotation.



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