Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2008

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Brand: Wind-X


  • 7.0
  • 10.0
  • 14.0
  • 17.0


WiND-X Monsoonz is the 2nd generation bow which is made for light wind performance. The Monsoonz comes in 4 sizes the 7M, 10M, 14M and now the MONSTER 17M! This kite was actually designed for more advanced riders but it was also tested by beginners. Surprisingly, the beginners seemed to love it as well as it was responding well to them; especially the water-relaunch.

The ultra flat bow have a high AR and new improved strut system. The 5s have showed results to call it a light wind kite. It has been tested on winds ranging from 15 to 20 knots. The average rider weight was 73.4Kgs. There was very minimal bar pressure! And the upwind was tremendous due to the speed of the kite. More Photos of the Monsoonz. Beat the rest when you are cruising upwind!

The 5s were tested with a non-pulley/standard bar. The 10s work well with the standard bar but works better on the pulley. Preferences differ and varies from rider to rider. So its up to the riders to work out their preference themselves.

This is a major leap for this great sport. We believe that the future would be a single rider having 1 kite and probably a few boards and different line lengths. The call for an advanced kite for the bow riders has been answered.

Lines: Above 18 knots, the kite works great on 15m lines with perfect control and safety. But the 35m lines give the smaller kites a lot of power in light winds.

With the 17M Monster, get planning in 8 knots!

Like its predecessor, the kite is easy to re-launch and has great de-power.


  • A Kite for the Advance Bow Riders
  • High AR
  • Ultra Flat Canopy
  • 7 struts
  • WiND-X Cross Active Bridle System (CABS)
  • Light Wind & Better Upwind
  • More pops which lead to higher jumps
  • Very responsive with more power in the window / Kite loops
  • Thinner struts for quick inflate



Monsoonz 2008 1.jpg

Colour-monsoonz 2008.jpg

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Relaunch and Action



Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2008 7.0 -

Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2008 10.0 -

Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2008 10.0 -

Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2008 14.0 -

Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2008 14.0 -

Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2008 14.0 -

Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2008 14.0 -

Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2008 17.0 -

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