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Brand: Nobile


  • S1
  • S2
  • S3


The NBL S series boards are our first, dedicated, multistage school board program.

For this range we’ve consulted with kite centers and career instructors in an attempt to incorporate all the features they felt were missing in other dedicated school board ranges. We have tried to create the most complete package possible, fulfilling the needs of instructors whilst ensuring the students make as much progress as possible as easily and quickly as possible.

The S series is designed as a two board program.

The extreme width of the S1 facilitates the first attempts at riding the board. The large surface area this board projects ensures it is both quick to plane and does not sink in the inevitable delay whilst the student attempts to redirect the kite upwards after the first downwards power stroke.

Once the student has more control over the kite and can maintain consistent power then it’s time to move onto the S2 which is shorter and narrower. Through carefully designed tail flex and rocker this board is easier for the inexperienced rider to control and make their first attempts at riding upwind. The S3 is intended to provide the same two board program for smaller riders however making their first sessions on the S2 and then moving onto the S3.


  • Hyper flex zones
  • Dedicated leash attachement
  • Heelside rail centred inserts
  • 3 stage program
  • Profiled sidewalls
  • Tucks rails
  • Nobile IFS system for easy adjustment





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