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Brand: Eclipse


  • 4.0
  • 6.0
  • 9.0
  • 12.0


The 2008 NANO builds on the original NANO concept as a kite designed exclusively for the needs of wave riders, snow kiters, and word travelers. However for 2008 we have refined the NANO so that every rider in every condition will absolutely love this kite, for 2008 the NANO is now our free ride kite.

The NANO is designed to feel like and extension of the riders body. With the NANO the kite always responds to the riders input immediately. The dedicated wave rider will love the speed, stability and re-launch. Still, the NANO offers the free riders enough boost and hangtime to work on the latest moves.

The NANO is designed for riders to maximize its small size, fast movement, and light weight to their advantage. The NANO's increased foil area helps to create a low range never before imagined. The 6m NANO will have you riding with a surfboard in 15 knots!

Nano 08 chart.jpg


Hurricane proof construction

And we mean it!!! Every kite made by eclipse has successfully passed our hurricane proof testing. Watch the video and see for yourself exactly how far we push these kites.

Quick Pump

Two systems, one kite. Every Eclipse kite comes stock with our simple one step quick pump system, however if your you prefer the long way you do have the option of creating a multi pump system just by removing the one pump tubes.

Turbo deflate

Deflates your kite 2x as fast.

Fool proof bridal

Even a 5 year old can set an Eclipse kite up with ease with our color coded bridal system.

Speed control

With the Nano you will always have a fast kite but now with our speed control system you can choice just how fast your Nano will fly.

Ultra simple bridal

Had enough of the tangles, well they are a thing of the past with our effective yet small bridal.

Serviceable Ronstan pulleys

At eclipse we only use the highest quality ronstan pulleys. Oh and there is only TWO on the kite and ZERO on the bar.

Bridal defectors

Prevent your bridal from getting caught on the wingtips.

Shark Skin reinforcements

New and improved for 2008 these synthetic guards will keep your kite looking like new by protecting the high wear areas.

Molded Scuff guards

Our unique molded guards will take the beating off your LE.

Double Dacron wingtips

Distribute the load forces throughout the kite and make your kite strong and more durable when self launching.


  • Six month Warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on replacement bladders

Surf Benefits

  • Ultra fast turning simulates surfboard movement
  • Ultra fast re-launch
  • Full De-power- Surf the wave
  • Stability

Snow Benefits

  • Small size- Entire Quiver will fit in a standard backpack.
  • Big Range - The 6m and 9m NANO will have you covered for 95% of conditions
  • Full De-power
  • Fast set up
  • Hurricane-Proof Construction


Range in the water: All figures for a 180 lbs/ 80 kg rider

  • NANO 04: (22 to 50 mph)
  • NANO 06: (15 to 40 mph)
  • NANO 09: (13 to 28 mph). Has to use a bigger size board for light wind.
  • NANO 12: (10 to 25 mph). Has to use a bigger size board for light wind

Range in the snow: All figures for a 180 lbs/ 80 kg rider

  • NANO 04: (14 to 35 mph)
  • NANO 06: (12 to 25 mph)
  • NANO 09: (10 to 20 mph).
  • NANO 12: (08 to 18 mph).

Bars and Lines

  • NANO 04 (45cm bar with 16 meter lines + 4 meter extensions)
  • NANO 06 ( 45cm bar with 20 meter lines + 4 meter extensions)
  • NANO 09 ( 50cm bar with 20 meter lines + 4 meter extensions)
  • NANO 12 ( 55cm bar with 20 meter lines + 4 meter extensions)



Nano 08 4.jpg

Nano 08 4 struts.jpg

Nano 08 6.jpg

Nano 08 6 side2.jpg

Nano 08 6 struts.jpg

Nano 08 9.jpg

Nano 08 9 struts.jpg

Nano 08 12.jpg

Nano 08 12 profile.jpg

Nano 08 12 struts.jpg

Clamp Lock

Thruster2008 clamp lock.jpg

Clamp Unlock

Thruster2008 clamp unlock.jpg

Under Neoprene

Thruster2008 clamp under neoprene (Small).jpg

Secure Stoppers

Thruster2008 secure tie stopper (Small).jpg

Double Dacron

Nano 08 double dacron nano.jpg

Bridle Deflectors

Thruster2008 bridle deflectors.jpg

Speed Control

Thruster2008 speed control.jpg

Kite Fix Repair Set

Thruster2008 kitefix.jpg

Nano Bag

Nano 08 bag nano.jpg


Nano 12 Snowkite Lightwind



Nano 2008 6.0 -

Nano 2008 6.0 -

Nano 2008 6.0 -

Nano 2008 9.0 -

Nano 2008 9.0 -

Nano 2008 9.0 -

Nano 2008 9.0 -

Nano 2008 12.0 -

Nano 2008 12.0 -

Nano 2008 Customer Reviews -

Trim Tips

Power Options

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