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Brand: Gin


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The concept behind the NAZCA hybrid kite has been to combine 100% safety with a harmonious balance between depower, performance and handling.

We have developed an innovative 5th line bridle system, which - in cooperation with other features - is providing incredible low-end and turning performances, while the flat arc design is contributing a great deal of depower.

All together the NAZCA has an excellent wind range and offers great versatility for all kind of riders in any and all conditions.

Safety and Depower

We chose not to go for a kite with 100% depower because we would have to give away too much from the sweet side. And this just to be able to obtain that extra bid of full depower, which in fact is only there to be used as a safety device. We preferred to entrust that task to a well-proven 5th line safety system, whereas we could concentrate on the depower you actually make use of when riding. Instead, we are able to take full advantage of the aerodynamics of a kite.

We decided not to have quite as much depower in the middle of the window, but achieve in conse-quence of that a better depower on the edge of the window. Profile, thin LE diameter and way less canopy flapping when depowering the kite all enable the kite to move further forward to the edge of the window. This adds a lot of comfort to riding powered up since the pull is coming more from where you actually want to go and also at the beach there is less drag.

Performance and Handling

The NAZCA strikes with incredible low-end performance, which means that you can basically take one size smaller than you would with a kite that is mainly concentrating on depower.

Our Advanced Performance 5th line bridle enables the kite in the turns to adapt its shape to the radius of the curve, while maintaining its rigidity when needed for lift, hang time and depower. Besides that the 5th line system enables easy relaunching from the water, easy riding away after releasing the safety, simple and secure launching and landing when you happen to be on your own.

The NAZCA also features a very nice progressive steering and doesn't require high bar pressures to fly and turn the kite. Whenever the bar pressure gets too high - simply pull the depower strap to get back in tune.



Gin Nazca 2007 3.jpg

The back line bridle enables us to fine tune the handling of the kites - individually for each size. Further we achieve a real nice progressive steering, which is forgiving to small accidental impulses while reacting committed and smooth to proper turning commands. The more you pull on the bar - the greater the effect.


Gin Nazca 2007 6.jpg

Reinforced three layer LE seam, double stitched union strut connections, 3D canopy and strut protections, reinforced trailing edge and secure pulley bypass attachment are some of the features which together with the choice of quality materials provide the kite with its excellent durability and tough construction.


Gin Nazca 2007 4.jpg

We've framed the strut ends at the trailing edge with deflectors, which prevent any lines to get caught. The deflectors won't restrict the struts from their freedom of movement at the trailing edge, enabling a better airflow.


Gin Nazca 2007 7.jpg

Pump up your kite in one time only - much better warm-up, gets you out on the water quicker and adds a whole lot of simplicity to your sess. You do have the choice of sealing off the connections between struts and LE. This helps in case of a puncture or to stow the kite with inflated struts.


Gin Nazca 2007 5.jpg

3D connections between the struts and the leading edge improve the rigidity of the kite, make it to better respect the given profile and allow a more precise construction.


Gin Nazca 2007 8.jpg

Thanks to the 5 attachment points of our AP 5th line bridle the LE is very well supported and we can minimize its diameter quite a bid. This helps a great deal to achieve higher flying speeds of the kite (=more power) and to have it move quicker and further forward to the edge of the window (=more depower).


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