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Niccolo Peter-Kai Porcella


NICCOLO' PORCELLA born in Maui Hawaii, Dec. 2nd 1987, grew up in Sardinia Italy and moved back to Maui at 13 yrs and was first introduced to kiteboarding. With a strong background in gymnastics, skateboarding, surfing and windsurfing he picked up kiteboarding as if it were in his blood. He soon became one of the innovators of the sport , even inventing some of the new wake style moves. He has been an inspiration to the newyounger generation of kiters. Niccolo' is a true waterman with a happy (Life is Good) funny,crazy radical personality.

His passion, talent and love for the sport is what keeps him progressing and pushing the sport in the right direction...

If not kiteboarding, he can be found surfing, tow surfing, stund-up padele,body surfing, high diving, slack-lineing, practicing "acrobatix capoeira" or some other unique form of cross training. Appearing in several kiteboarding movies and magazines he's became well known in the kiting community.


2. December 1987

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