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Brand: Nobile


  • One Size (48cm inside and 54cm outside connectors)


20m + 5m Flying Lines

The Nobile 4 line bar comes with 20m lines and 5m extensions allowing the rider to change between long and short line set-ups whilst only having one bar. The lines also feature loop/knot ends ensuring you can not attach the lines incorrectly.

Power Adjuster Strap

The power strap features a pull/pull configuration to ensure ease of use. The de-power toggle is clearly marked in red and features a velcro strap to stop it flapping around when fully applied. The re-power toggle is covered in PVC tubing to make it easier to pull.

4th Line Safety

The leash line on the 4 line bar runs from the FULCRUM Quick Release up through the INOX ring and attaches to one of the front flying lines. In the event of releasing the bar the kite completely de-powers and lies in the water to one side of the window ready for immediate relaunch.

Emergency Kill Handle

Grabbing this handle and letting go of the kite will kill all the power in an emergency. It can also be used for self landing the kite.

Line float and Protector

The EVA foam floats help to keep the bar floating in the water and also protect your from becoming wrapped up in the pre lines.

INOX Swivel

This high grade INOX swivel prevents the front flying lines becoming twited when spinning the bar after manoeuvres.

Ergo Grip Bar

Wrapped in super comfy EVA foam the Nobile bar features ERGO shaping for enhanced grip.

Safety Leash with QR

The safety leash features a quick release for use in emergencies. Placing it close to the Eva foam protector eliminates the chance of it opening through water pressure only.

De-power Stopper

Our stopper has been designed to hold the bar at the desired distance from you yet still be easy to move quickly. Both the de-power line and the leash line pass through the stopper to minimize wear.

Nobile Bar Ends

Our bar ends have been designed from scratch for practicality and function. The inside of the cap is made in soft silicone to protect your hands and colour coded to make bar direction easily recognizable. Ample space has been supplied to ensure all the flying lines and lead lines can be tidily stored around the bar at the end of your session without fear of tangles. The steering lines have two options for attachment on the bar end allowing one bar to adjust to either 48cm or 54cm length ensuring the owner can adapt their kites turning speed to their own preference.

Central Bar Insert

At the centre of the Nobile carbon bar is an INOX mold that reduces de-power line wear to a minimum and due to its internal shaping decreases the pressure needed to turn the kite. The mold form is such that the FULCRUM Quick Release inserts into it ensuring the loop is always facing you during un-hooked moves.

Fulcrum Quick Release

Nobile’s all new Fulcrum De-power loop is the industries first 100% molded Quick Release (QR). By analyzing ALL the requirements and applying a little “outside the box” thinking we created a completely integrated system that moves away from the much used cantilever principle, under which the pressure needed to open the QR increases as the load on the system rises, instead the Fulcrum has a constant release pressure no matter the forces placed upon it. The molded construction helps to vastly increase the life expectancy of the unit whilst negating the need for regular maintenance and cleaning.

Fulcrum QR 2008 1.png

Whilst safety was of the utmost importance in the design of the Fulcrum, it’s functionality had to be superior too. The Lock In Finger (LIF) has been designed with three operating positions with the finger in a vertical position you can insert it through the end of the spreader bar and prevent inadvertent unhooking. By turning the LIF through one click it is held to one side out of the way (ideal for making unhooked tricks) but is still available should you wish to engage it again during your session. Push the LIF from behind to remove it completely from the Fulcrum and hook in and out with complete ease. The top of the mold has been designed to fit snuggly into the INOX centre hole in the bar thus ensuring the loop is always facing you during freestyle moves for fast hooking in again. Ease of use has been further enhanced through the use of a solid molded loop that can neither deform nor twist. The Handle pass leash attachment point (*) allows experienced freestyle riders to attach their leash to the Fulcrum in a position that does not impede riding and eliminates the possibility of the end of the leash catching on your spreader bar hook. Finally the whole unit has been designed to allow a quick and easy change of worn out de-power lines without the need to replace the whole QR.

  • The handle pass leash attachment point should only ever be utilized by expert riders once in open water and after careful consideration of the risks involved which result from dropping the bar and the possible dragging that can result. Riders should NEVER fix their leash on to this attachment point when launching

the kite or near to land.

Fulcrum QR 2008 2.png

Constant Pressure Quick Release

Fulcrum QR 2008 4.png

Due to the unique design of the FULCRUM the pressure needed to open the quick release remains constant irrespective of the loads placed upon it (unlike cantilever based systems where the pressure needed to open the release increases as the load on the unit increases). Uniquely, the system can be reset quickly and easily after use even with only one hand - simply push the loop piece back onto the retainer and slide the release handle back down.

5th line/Leash attachment point

Fulcrum QR 2008 5.png

The INOX loop at the top of the FULCRUM holds the 5th line on the NHP kite and the leash line on the SLE 555. Non corroding INOX ensures the attachment point will not break but also offers minimal wear on both the line and itself during repeated use.

Replaceable De-Power line

Fulcrum QR 2008 3.png

The FULCRUM has been designed so that replacement of a worn de-power line can be done quickly and easily without replacing the unit itself. First unscrew and remove the Leashline/5th line attachment ring and then remove the quick release handle. The new line can be fed through the retaining piece and then the unit re-assembled.

High Visibilty, Floating Loop

Fulcrum QR 2008 8.png

In the event that you become detached from the loop when the quick release is activated the FULCRUM has been built in a high visibilty red colour and designed to float making it easier to spot in the water.

3 Position Lock IN Finger (LIF)

Fulcrum QR 2008 9.png

The FULCRUM has a 3 position LIF for all riding styles. In the normal position it can be inserted into the harness hook to ensure you do not come un-hooked accidentally. In the open position the rider can perform un-hooked tricks easily however can re-engage the finger should they wish to mid session. Removing the LIF completely allows for maximum convenience when riding unhooked.

Auto Locating insert

Fulcrum QR 2008 7.png

The top of the FULCRUM has been designed to fit into the INOX bar centre piece. This ensures that the loop is always facing you during un-hooked manoeuvres allowing for fast and problem free re-hooking.

Handle Pass Leash Attachment

Fulcrum QR 2008 6.png

The FULCRUM features a dedicated Handle Pass Leash attachment point for maximum convenience during advanced freestyle riding.

  • The handle pass leash attachment point should only ever be utilized by expert riders once in open water and after careful consideration of the risks involved which result from dropping the bar and the possible dragging that can result.

Riders should NEVER fix their leash on to this attachment point when launching the kite or near to land.


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