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Brand: Takoon


  • One Size (47 to 55cm)


The new NOV bar comes with the NOVA3 kite. That’s the concept: to always fully integrate kite and bar.

The new bar lets you trim easily the power of the kite while riding.

The latest innovations on the Nova bar show a perfectly integrated safety leash. The depower line and the safety line are covered with a PU tube for better aging and more control.

Ride all sizes of kite with only one bar.

  • 1. Cousins’ Ultimate flying lines.
  • 2. PU extension, prevent rope from rattling.
  • 3. Foam protection.
  • 4. Bar winder, 2 bar size in 1 !
  • 5. 3D grip , more comfort and precision.
  • 6. Integrated safety line, safety leash connection point.
  • 7. Mini clam cleat system lets you trim the power of the kite.
  • 8. Swivel to untwist the safety leash after rotation.
  • 9. Quick release, Afnor certified.
  • 10. Security pin for unhooked riding.
  • 11. A new safety leash with full foam protection is delivered with the Nova3 for more comfort.
  • The 3D grip on the bar offers more comfort and precision. The carbon centre hole minimises friction and increases turning ability during depower.
  • The bar is light.
  • The foam protection allows the bar to float and prevents hands getting tangled into the lines.
  • This new winder offers 2 bar size in 1. Regarding the kite size you ride, switch from 47 to 55cm easily. Roll your lines easily with the rubber band to block it.
  • The lower winder bar gives 10% of better reactivity and offers a kite much precise, with light bar pressure.
  • The kite features faster turning, as if you ride with a 60cm bar, while keeping a light bar pressure.
  • A new miniature clam cleat system allows to trim easily the power of the kite while riding. A velcro allows to block the line while one is in full depower. Having an adjustment over the bar allows an easier trimming.
  • A swivel on top of the chicken loop enables you to untwist the safety leash after rotation. You can put it on the right or left hand side, whichever feels better.
  • An integrated safety line helps you to connect your safety leash, also protected by a PU extension. If you use the quick release, the kite will be held by a front line, without any traction. An elastic part on top of the front line enables this line to be always tightened.


Bar Manual PDF

Bar Manual PDF

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Product PDF


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