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Brand: Takoon


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Revolution Shape

Several years of research on new types of Kites have led TAKOON to rewrite the whole sport of kitesurfing. A new generation of Kite is born.

While others look for new ways of making artificially the sport safer, TAKOON has concentrated its efforts on working on a whole concept which integrates both the control system and the kite. This approach is aimed at keeping the feel of the usual classical 4-line kite while at the same time enhancing the wind range, reinforcing security and making the gear simpler to use.

In terms of design, the kite is relatively flat and uses a bridle system on its leading edge that allows the kite to rotate frontward. The control system is particular to the kite but still has the usual characteristics: large chicken loop, adjustment strap, 4 line connection points.

A huge wind range. Better efficiency

TAKOON has developed even further the idea of an efficient POWER/ DEPOWER system that has made its reputation. This unique integration of Kite + bar provides better POWER/DEPOWER control than any other classical kite. You control your kite and its power at all times. Sudden gusts of wind won’t panic you any more! The NOVA therefore gives you a vastly wider wind range. By pushing the bar - Depower position- the kite swivels frontward and power is decreased. By pulling the bar, the kite gains powers and accelerates

Passive Security

The principle behind the safety system is simple and straight-forward. You’ll acquire confidence right from the start with the NOVA. Nothing to release!!

Just by letting go the bar, the kite goes neutral and lands without any more power. The kite is held only by its leading edge. The control system slides about 1m50 away, and can be easily retrieved through the depower line. The control system remains equipped with a regular quick release in case of emergency and full separation.


The neutral position provides full safety. By pulling on the rear line, the kite moves to the edge of the window and is ready for relaunch. No need to swim towards the kite to make it rotate. No need to re-load a safety system after a "safety action".


The NOVA will give you totally new sensations. Riders of all levels will get a kick from it .

  • Simpler to use
  • Gives more autonomy
  • More riding time
  • Increased safety

Greater performance while keeping it simple, that’s the driving concept. You will appreciate the wider wind range and ease of re-launch. Thanks to the revolutionary shape of the Nova, it will perform equally well, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Try out the latest moves: ride unhooked, clip your handle pass leash to the chicken loop and If you let the bar go, the kite will go neutral. Light bar pressure for endless riding.

Rotate endlessly with our swivel system and automatically untwist your front lines without being bothered by other parts (such as leash or 5th line).

New wave control in off shore conditions. Punta Preta will not put you out!

Huge hang time due to the high projected area of the kite.

Single Inflation

Navigation time always goes too fast. With the new TAKOON single inflation, you’ll save time and be the first out on the water.

All the bladders will inflate via one single valve placed on the leading edge. Double valves on the leading edge for quick deflation. Simple and quick to use in case of repair. Independent struts to adjust the pressure on each bladder separately.

How does it work?

Each strut is designed independently. They are all linked to each other, which mean you can inflate your kite all at once, with the valve on the leading edge, without losing time or pressure. However, each strut also has an extra anti- valve, which will allow you to check the pressure of that strut on its own. This particular valve also allows the kite to deflate completely thanks to the small stick provided for that purpose. This system allows you to isolate any pierced strut and won’t prevent you from continuing your session. If you’re still in a hurry, deflate only the leading edge.


Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF


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Nova 2006 9.0 -

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Nova 2006 12.0 -

Nova 2006 12.0 -

Nova 2006 12.0 -

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