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Brand: Takoon


  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 12.0


After having innovated and introduced the first flat profile kite on the market, Takoon is proud to present the NOVA2.

Based on the same concept which integrates both the control system and the kite, this approach is aimed at keeping the feel of the usual classical 4-line kite while at the same time enhancing the wind range, reinforcing security and making the gear simpler to use. The whole concept which we are at the root of has now taken over as THE one to follow.

What is new?

  • A NOVA2 range with greater performance, especially the 12m². All the kites have been designed to increase turning ability, the end result are finer kites (profile, leading edge, struts), lighter and thus more aerodynamic.
  • A new simpler bar. A new system of adjustment makes it possible to trim the kite power easily. New adjustable stopper to adjust your depower. The bar has no pulleys so as to keep bar pressure light.
  • 3 sizes: 7, 9 and 12 m². Each size has been designed separately to increase each surface performance while keeping a homogeneous range.
  • Single inflation system. All the bladders will inflate via one single valve placed on the leading edge; you don’t need to deflate each bladder separately anymore… ease of use – our keyword!


Riders of all levels will get a kick from it.

  • More performance
  • Simpler to use
  • Gives more autonomy
  • More riding time
  • Increased safety

Greater performance while keeping it simple, that’s the driving concept. Manoeuvrability and kite speed were improved to allow the best riders to rip. You will appreciate the wider wind range and ease of re-launch. Thanks to the revolutionary shape of the Nova, it will perform equally well, no matter what the weather conditions are. Light bar pressure for endless riding. New wave control in off shore conditions. Huge hang time due to the high projected area of the kite.


Relaunching without swimming.

Nova 2 2006 1.png

By pulling on the rear line, the kite moves to the edge of the window and is ready for relaunch. No need to swim towards the kite to make it rotate. No need to re-load a safety system after a "safety action".

Single Inflation

Navigation time always goes too fast. With the new TAKOON single inflation, you’ll save time and be the first out on the water. All the bladders will inflate via one single valve placed on the leading edge. Double valves on the leading edge for quick deflation. Simple and quick to use in case of repair. Independent struts to adjust the pressure on each bladder separately.

How does it work?

Each strut is designed independently. They are all linked to each other, which means you can inflate your kite all at once, with the valve on the leading edge, without losing time or pressure. Each strut have 2 valves, one air locked to inflate and one without air locked to deflate. If you’re still in a hurry, deflate only the leading edge. Compared to the Nova1, you don’t need the finger to deflate each strut. Key word: ease of use!


This unique integration of kite + bar provides better POWER/DEPOWER control than any other hybrid or regular kite!

The feeling of control is total and one is able to manage the power of one’s kite at all times, thanks to the progressive depower.

By pushing the bar (depower position) the kite swivels frontward and power is decreased. By pulling the bar, the kite gains powers and accelerates. A power adjuster cleat enables accurate trimmings. Unlike regular kites, you will be able to manoeuvre the NOVA in all conditions because the rear lines never go slack.

With the NOVA2 you will feel in total control even in changing wind conditions; you can ride in 80 % of wind conditions.



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