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Brand: Takoon


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After having innovated and introduced the first flat profile kite on the market, Takoon is proud to present the NOVA3.

The NOVA3 is an evolutionary kite with excellent performance, and safe. Thanks to the new leading edge design, the kite profile and the 6 struts’ unique location, the NOVA3 combines the advantages of total depower and performance. It impresses in every discipline: Freeride, Freestyle, Hang time, Wave riding, unhooked.

Easy to use, The NOVA third edition is an evolution of the 2007 model. Emphasis has been put on the kite profile, its handling, turning ability, bar pressure and low end pressure.

In the hand, the NOVA3 is a kite easy to handle. Bar pressure gives accurate kite control and depower is really efficient. The kite turns with ease, turning ability increases. Jumps are excellent with big glide. While unhooked, the kite never falls out of the sky. Going upwind is just simple; the NOVA3 is more rigid and doesn’t lose its shape while turning. The new bar is very easy to handle and to use.

Let’s explain the different technical points on the NOVA3, or how Takoon has brought out a kite combining both simplicity and performance.

The success of the Furia led us to work on a more aerodynamical Nova yet still easy to use.

The NOVA3’s new exclusive shape optimizes its overall performance.

  • The new segmented leading edge design enables direct efforts transfer and gives more solidity to the kite in the air. It doesn’t flutter and relaunches easily.
  • The 6 struts’ unique location linked to the flat centre of the kite offers more surface to the centre of the kite, giving it more power and glide. The NOVA3 is lighter.
  • The tips are narrow to reduce drag and allow turns on the tips. The Dacron material on the tips offers more stiffness and therefore more reactivity to the kite.
  • The flat central part of the kite gives better kite control even during depower. This part remains always stretched and so reduces drag, improving upwind ability. This flat center part makes the center of effort go up, the depower rate is really efficient on the first centimetres.

These characteristics give the kite more reactivity; it’s more rigid and light.

The kite is more aerodynamic and easy to use.

The surface that used to be inefficient at the tips has been transferred to the centre of the kite where stiffness and power are needed.

The NOVA3 is a lighter kite as it only has 6 struts, which are also thinner than before, and it’s a medium aspect ratio kite. All this makes the kite fly better, it never falls out of the sky, and it is ideal for wave riding and tricks.

Depower ability is more efficient than most of SLE kite with a direct bar feeling.

A 13m² is added to the Nova3 range with incredible performance in light wind conditions. The Nova3 full range remains well-balanced.


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Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF

Product PDF

Product PDF

Low End Power PDF

Low End Power PDF


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Nova 3 2008 11.0 - IKSurfMag

Nova 3 2008 9.0 + 13.0 -

Trim Tips

How to increase low end power

To increase the power of the Nova3 (when riding in light wind conditions or for heavier riders), it’s possible to lengthen the front kite connectors.

  • 1 Locate the front kite connectors (the ones linked to a pulley, picture 1).
  • 2 Undo the knot nearest to the pulley (picture 2).
  • 3 You’ll find in the kite bag a repair kit (picture 3), take the 2 connectors

with a knot (red for the left hand side, black for the right hand side, picture 4).

  • 4 Connect the new connectors with the kite front connectors with a lark’s head knot (picture 5 and 6).
  • 5 Connect the bar lines on the kite with those connectors. Picture 7 shows a trim for light wind conditions or for heavier riders. Picture 8 shows a trim for strong winds.

Nova 3 2008 power 2.png

Nova 3 2008 power 1.png

Bridle Length

Bridle-lenght-Nova3 2008.jpg