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Brand: Ocean Rodeo


  • 50
  • 60


Some 5th Line C Kites require their 5th Line to be precisely trimmed in order to support the kite’s canopy and can cause adverse performance if not. Ocean Rodeo designs all of its C kites to fly perfectly well on only 4 lines and to only rely on the 5th Line for safety and performance enhancements under the most sever situations.

With a Variable Tension system the rider adjusts the length of the 5th line to match the relative trim he has in his kite. In this way the 5th Line only becomes active when the rider throws the kite through a highly dynamic transition such as a kite loop. These transitions can subject the kite to huge forces and cause it to distort and loose efficiency. By having a properly trimmed 5th Line system in place the 5th Line will act to control the kite’s shape and improve the kite’s performance.

  • Bar grip diameter: 25mm
  • Grip: color coded EVA foam for bar end recognition
  • Center hole: Stainless Steel center bushing.
  • Bar construction: Hybrid: carbon composite
  • Bar ends: fiber reinforced nylon.
  • One color option: gray/red grip


5th Line Manual PDF

5th Line Manual PDF


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