Omega 2N1 2007

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Brand: Cabrinha



The Omega implements our feature-rich yet easy to use Omega 2N1 control system. Freeride, freestyle or surf - you decide which bar setup best suits your style.

No compromise conversion: Ride with or without pulley:

The Omega 2N1 can be ridden with the Omega kite in either the pulley (2:1) or non-pulley (1:1) mode depending on your riding preference. The pulley mode favors faster turning speeds and is quicker to power up and depower down. Great for surfing and freeriding and enables you to relaunch without removing your hands from the bar. The non-pulley mode favors unhooked riding and has virtually no bar pressure. This mode is great for wakestyle or freestyle riding. The Omega 2N1 Control System quickly converts from one mode to the other in minutes.

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