On the Beach

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The beach is alway a place with many dangers.

  • kites launching
  • kites landing
  • people rigging their gear
  • people walking by
  • other water sports users
  • beach goers
  • obstacles
  • gusty winds
  • little space

Always follow local rules, be sure to know them before you start to rig your gear.

Accept the designated rigging, launching and landing zones.

Never endanger other people.

The rules is to use a little space as possible, specially if you are having a break, roll up your lines and move your kite out of the way.

You should always launch with a launch helper, if one is around. It is no problem to ask someone to give a quick assistance. Make sure to give the same assistance back if you get asked.

Control your setup and gear before the launch, while you launch, and then quickly go into the water.

It is strongly advised to launch and land your kite standing in the water, that will give you an extra space to avoid any accident.

Once you come back to land your kite, observe the beach and how packed it is. Wait until there is enough space to safely land your kite and get the attention from a assistance on the beach.

Do not come to the shore and wait for space. This can be very dangerous for many people, including yourself. Wait on the water with enough distance.

Let the riders come off the beach first, then come to the beach to land your gear.

If you are about to launch your kite, and someone comes in and wants to land, get his kite down first, then launch your kite.