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Brand: Royal


  • 126x37
  • 126x37 (Kids & Ladies)
  • 132x39
  • 138x41
  • 148x46


The "One" board line provides unique styling that simplifies your choices for the rider looking for a forgiving board that is easy to use and fun to ride. With a smooth flex pattern and massive pop, the "One" board line cuts through chop and rails up wind like a much stiffer board. Whether you are learning to master big jumps of or inverted handle pass moves, the "One" board lines offers the expe- rience of effortless freeride carving with the right amount of controlled flex and response that any rider will appreciate. Unique features include a recessed grab rail for easy carrying, foam/vertical grain wood core for strength, and PVC and ABS tips and rails for maximum durabilty and response.

While the One48 by 46 is more focused on light wind performance any rider can easily select one of the other 3 sizes based on body weight. The One26 by 37 is ideal for riders lighter then 70kg, the One32 by 39 is the correct choice for riders up to 85kg and for riders heavier then that, the One38 by 41 is the one to choose. Kids and ladies have a dedicated version of the One26 by 37 that features a softer flex and narrower stance.

Pads and Straps

Pads and straps represent a crucial aspect of a kiteboard. Feeling comfortable and safe can give you the confidence you need to push yourself that one notch further. Riders from all over the world rely on DaKine accessories and Royal Kiteboarding does as well.


MFC, is a world leader in the fin industry, is making his debut in the kiteboarding and has chosen Royal Kiteboarding as its showcase. We are proud to share this alliance with such an innovative force and you can expect nothing but the highest quality design and construction.



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