One Handed 360 Invert

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Upside down with the legs stretching up, and one hand stretching down with a 360 rotation.

How To

1. Fly as you would normally for a well powered up jump from heelside.

2. Send your kite to the top of the zenith and pop hard! The more pop you add to the jump, the easier inverting the board becomes.

3. As you jump twist your upper body (head and shoulders) so that you are, in effect to the front side of the flying lines. Your back should be pointing downwind.

4. As you gain height continue to lean backwards. Tuck your knees into your chest and tip your head back. Tipping your head and shoulders back helps shift your center of gravity as at this point your feet are heavy with the board attached.

5. You should still be facing the direction to which you start but be upside causing the kite lines to start to cross in front of you. Whilst in this position you can let go of your trailing hand and use your forward hand to carry on redirecting the kite.

6. To return to your landing position, allow you're momentum and weight of the board to complete the rotation.

7. As your head and feet return to their more usual position spot your landing and soften your knees ready to land. As you land keep the kite in the direction that you are traveling.



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