Other Water Users

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When one is kiteboarding, then other water users will be seen in the neighborhood, some of which are here listed:

  • windsurfers
  • surfers
  • sailors
  • boats
  • fishermen
  • swimmers
  • divers
  • jet skis

In general, keep away from any of those other water users. Kiteboarders have a distant wing and set of tethers; the potential of tethers and wings entangling other water users is significant and requires responsible care to keep a good distance away from other water users. Kiteboarding outside of the narrow dedicated water areas are fully a "vessel" no less than a ship.

Although sailors and windsurfers apply to the same rights of way, it does not make sense to get in their way and cause any trouble. Windsurfers are a bit different, since they also are used to share an area with more riders, so knowing the rules is very common.

Observe the windsurfers when riding, and see if they stick to the rules or not. Some will never leave their course, so be ready to change yours.

From any other water user the distance should be far enough not to get into trouble. Even surfers, who, once in the wave, will not stop for you or let you pass. They don't get as many waves as others, so leave the right of way to them, as to anyone else On the Wave.

Big boats and ships cannot easily change their course, so never ever get into their way, since they also create a wind shadow, where you will most like not get out and your kite can drop.

Respect the fishermen; they are working hard, so don't get in trouble with them.

Always look out for divers, either snorkelers or real divers with buoys. Never come too close to any of them.