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Brand: Best


  • 129x39
  • 134x41.5


If you are pushing the limits of your equipment and want a board that will smooth out the chop and help you land more of your tricks time after time, then you owe it to yourself to try the new Ouija.

The Ouija board is designed for the way you ride, shaped to excel in radical conditions and designed to help you land the biggest jumps and most complicated new-school tricks.

An all-new laminated wood core and ABS rail construction has allowed the R&D team to create a radical freeride/freestyle board with reduced weight and lower internal volume. Tailored soft and hardwood laminations allow us to place the pop exactly where you want it, while keeping the weight out of the places you do not.

Reduced swing weight makes it easier to initiate and stop rotations and helps you nail your landings. Reduced internal volume and a thinner rail profile help the Ouija to cut deeper into the water, giving added grip you can trust in heavy chop and overpowered wind conditions.

Our ABS rail ensures you get a ding-resistant board that will take the rough while delivering the smooth. A gentle tunnel concave delivers exceptional rail-to-rail and carving control integrated with our flex tip design to ensure you make the softest landings even from the highest jumps.

The Ouija is the perfect board for the experienced rider looking to get radical with their riding. With a true snowboard construction and full-color printing, the Ouija looks as radical as it rides, and is guaranteed to be the standout board on the beach this season.

Ouija: Trust your senses.


  • Snowboard construction with ABS rail
  • CNC machined graded Poplar wood core
  • Controlled flex zones
  • Marinized deck inserts
  • Multi-axis fibreglass construction
  • Flex-relief zones
  • Digitally-printed abrasion-resistant top and bottom skins
  • Offset insert position


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Product PDF







Ouija 2008 134x41.5 - IKSurfMag

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