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Designed to help you take your riding to the next level, the Ouija™ makes it easier for any rider to reinvent their game.

Our Primo wood core construction with ABS rail creates the perfect balance between lightweight performance and durability. Computer controlled 3D shaping provides a thinner rail profile, improving grip in choppy and overpowered conditions.

Strategically positioned glass and wood laminates put the pop exactly where you need it, ensuring springboard take offs for every jump. Progressive concave and wide radius tips aid early planing and improve edge-to-edge control for those hard carving days. Low swing weight helps you stop trick rotations on a dime and our flex-tip design helps to make every landing butter soft.

Ouija: Supernatural handling and performance.


Primo Wood Core

A CNC finished vertical laminate construction delivers crisp handling, awesome pop and exactly the right amount of damping to help smooth out the heaviest chop. Variable laminate orientation allows us to dial in added stiffness across the middle of the heel edge rail.

0-45-90 Layup

Combining multiple weight biaxial and uni-directional cloth, our 0-45-90 Layups provide precise control of torsional flex from rail to rail ensuring a lively feel and swift reaction to rider input.

Controlled Flex Zones

Carefully combining 3D core geometry and glass fiber positioning and orientation allows our board designers to place the ‘pop' and flex exactly where you need for the easiest takeoffs and the softest landings.

Discreet Mounting System

Utilizing individual mounting blocks for all fin and strap hardware means the natural flex patterns and strength of our twin-tip boards are not compromised by providing multiple foot strap position options.

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